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Commission staff and EERA staff jointly held a Public Information and EA Scoping meeting at the Becker High School in Becker on August 31, 2021.  The purpose of the meeting was to provide information to the public about the proposed Project, to answer questions, and to allow the public an opportunity to suggest alternatives and impacts (i.e., scope) that should be considered during preparation of the environmental review document.  A court reporter was present at the meeting to document oral statements.


Written comments were accepted through September 15, 2021, by 4:30 p.m.  Comments are listed below:


Oral Comments

Court Reporter Recorder of Public Statements - August 31, 2021

Court Reporter Recorder of Public Statements - September 1, 2021

Written Comments

Andy Snope Comment

Becker Township Board

Betsy Armstrong Comment

Bret Collier Comment

City of Becker Comment

City of Becker Comment – Attachment-1

City of Becker Comment – Attachment-2

City of Becker Comment – Attachment-3

City of Becker Comment – Request for an ATF

Clear Lake Township Comment

MN DNR Comment

IUOE Comment

Jaymecarz Comment

Larry Alfords Comment

LIUNA Comment

Mary Goenner Comment

MNDOT Comment

Mona Smith Comment

Nathan Hayes Comment

Randy Seeley Comment-1

Randy Seeley Comment-2

Ross Imholte Comment

Russ Armstrong Comment

Sherburne County Comment

Wanda Herkenhoff Comment

Reply Comments

Xcel Energy Reply to Scoping Comments